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Star Wars


Star Wars

Luke x Vader (SLASH, INCEST, MAJOR AU, NC-17):
After the disasterous dual on Bespin, Luke begins to dream again of his father, including one dream wherein his father is his lover. Vader discovers his son's forbidden desire and offers to make the dream a reality. But that is only the beginning, for Vader and Luke together fulfill the prophecy of the Balance of the Force. New, greater Force
powers develop in both of them. Fearful of what this new future will bring, now that Luke refuses to kill his father, Obi Wan seeks another to destroy them both.

Within My Lovers Arms by Serentiy
After the battle of Bespin Luke finds, much to his own horror, that all though he knows Vader is evil he can't stop feelings that affect him. He wants a family, he wants his father to hold him and love him......and to take him into his bed and make him his own. And as he tries to fight off these feelings he has no idea that Vader knows exactly what runs through his mind....because it runs through his own as well. But they both have more in store for them then wondering at their own feelings because something ancient is stirring in the darkness and strange new powers are arrising in them that may only trigger something dark and evil.

Stars of twilight: Eyes by Serentiy
His power called to Him. His light saved Him. His love made him hole. For centuries upon centuries Aniko has searched for his son, the child who had the power to save him. He yearned for the blood of his child, like the nectar of the heavens that he sipped day to day. And now upon the world of Naboo he has finally found the boy.......Luke Skywalker a young teenager with the same energy that flows through his own veins. But Luke isn't exactly the child he envisioned. With a defiant attitude, and a strange denial of his own abilities and calling he makes a very fiery package. So will the young teen submit to his destiny and become the son and lover that his father desires?

Luke is a captor of the Empire and is desperate to avenge his father's murder. How will he feel when it turns out Vader is his father, and how will he come to terms with a secret that plagues him and unbeknownst to him Vader as well?

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